VIAcode is a Microsoft Gold Partner for software development for all things .Net.

We founded VIAcode in 2001 to build applications for product companies that wanted to win in the market and businesses that needed “internal products” to gain a technical and operational advantage their competition. We started by embracing proven and popular Microsoft software development technologies, including: the Visual Studio Suite, the C# programming language, and the .Net framework.

Since then, we have expanded from our Microsoft roots and now work with all of the leading frameworks, programming languages, and underlying technologies that drive today’s high tech applications.

4DS Agile Development Process

We have embraced and implemented an Agile Development. VIAcode’s version of Agile, called 4DS, stresses three, major themes:

  • Deep and continuous collaboration between business and technical teams.
  • Short “sprints” to develop and test new application components vs. long delivery cycles.
  • Iterative requirements definition, where the next wave is defined as the current sprint nears the end.

VIAcode’s version of Agile, called 4DS, is designed to guide our customers through the full lifecycle of a software application.

All of VIAcode’s technologists are trained in the 4DS, and many are certified Agile Scrum Masters. 4DS has five stages:

  1. Discover – where we work with our clients to determine the high-level market, technical, and business requirements.

  2. Design – where we map out the architectural, systems, database, interface, and workflow requirements of the application.

  3. Develop – where we put fingers to keyboards to code and test the application in a series of two-to-three week development and quality assurance sprints.

  4. Deploy – where we expertly manage the transition from the software development team to operations and daily use by customers in a cloud or client-premise environment.

  5. Support and Upgrade – where we work with you maintain and enhance your application over several releases.

Engagement Models

Different customers have different needs, so we support multiple development models, including short engagements aimed at creating software features for an existing application to multi-year engagements where VIAcode either serves as the outsourced development team or works in a blended environment with an internal development team.

Long Term We serve as your outsourced development team Projects range from 1 year and beyond
Short-to-Mid Term We build specific product functionality or an entire application Projects range from four – 12 months
Discrete or Short Term We build specific product features Projects ranges from a few weeks to a few months