VIACode Support Services

VIAcode support hours are 1pm - 9pm (UTC+4) Monday through Friday, excluding the following holidays:

  • New Year - January 1st, January 2nd
  • Christmas (RU) - January 7
  • Defender of the Fatherland Day (RU) - February 23
  • International Women's Day (RU) - March 8th, 9th (work day March 11th instead of March 9th)
  • International Workers' Day (RU) - May 1
  • Victory Day (RU) - May 9
  • Russia Day (RU) - June 11th, June 12th
  • Unity Day (RU) - November 4th, November 5th
  • New Year - December 31

An active maintenance or support contract is required to qualify for support services.

How To Submit A Support Case

Submitting a complete and accurate support case helps us serve you better and address your issues faster. In order to avoid delays please follow these helpful tips:

  • Please submit your inquiries in English or Russian languages only. We will do our best to accept your case in other languages, but that may result in additional cost and delays, and will definitely result in a clarification follow-up.
  • Use your corporate e-mail to submit cases and always identify yourself and your company. Knowing who you are helps us route your inquiries faster.
  • Include the maintenance agreement number and / or contract number. We must reference the contract when opening a case, we will not be able to start assisting if we do not have an active contract number.
  • Make sure you are authorized to make support inquiries. Usually there will be designated people in your organization who take care of communicating support cases with vendors. Please make sure they are aware you are submitting the request.
  • Please state the urgency of your request according to the guidelines given in the maintenance contract. We try to address all requests ASAP.
  • Please submit one problem/question/inquiry per case. If you submit a list, we will still have to break it down into individual cases.
  • Please state your problem/question/inquiry clearly, as well as steps you have performed, remedies attempted and please include a relevant diagnostic information. This may save us valuable time and prevent unnecessary clarification e-mails.
  • Please compress (ZIP, RAR, 7z) your attachments. The size of the e-mail, including attachments must not exceed 10 Mbs. If you need to send more, please state that in the e-mail, we will accommodate for other means of data transfer.
  • Always keep automatic codes in the e-mails so that we can track your responses.

Here is How You Can Submit an Inquiry:

Call: 1 (860) 882-1150

(Call the main office (West Hartford, CT, USA) and leave a voice mail.)

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