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ProfMedia and VIAcode Launch Windows Phone App for Internet Radio Service

Online Radio 101.RU Streams Russian Rock, Jazz, Classical and Other Music to Wireless Listeners
Mobile App Climbs to Top 20 List of Apps in Windows Phone Store in Russia


West Hartford, CT, March 5, 2014….VIAcode Consulting, a rapidly growing software development company that serves major software vendors and Fortune 1000 companies, today announced that its client ProfMedia has recently launched the Windows Phone App the Company developed for Online Radio 101.RU, a successful network of Internet radio stations that target the Russian market. The new app, available to listeners for free from the Windows Phone Store, allows for easy playback of any of Online Radio 101.RU’s more than 200 stations which cover the full spectrum of musical genres, including pop, rock, jazz, classical, and country. Click here to download the free app.

Online radio 101.RU, created by ProfMedia in 1996, pioneered the concept of Internet radio broadcasting in Russia. From four musical themes at inception, the station has grown to meet the increasing demands of its rapidly expanding customer base in Russia and abroad and now offers more than 200 types of Russian music from sister stations to fit all audience preferences. More than 3 million unique listeners per month tune into one or more of the musical offerings available.

The new mobile app mimics the look and feel of the Online Radio 101.RU website and enables listeners to bookmark and play their favorite channels with a single touch. Users can access special info on the tracks, view recent playlists and access all available stations from a Windows phone for the first time. The VIAcode team utilized the latest Microsoft UX trends in designing the interface.

ProfMedia Dmitry Osin, broadcast development director, noted, "The Windows Phone market is growing rapidly in Russia and it is part of our mission to deliver music on every major listening platform. VIAcode made this possible for us by creating the best Windows Phone music listening experience on the market today. The Online Radio 101.RU app already has a five star rating in the Windows Phone Store."

"Our team has enjoyed developing this mobile app while incorporating state of the art, best practice techniques for both front and back-end functionality to ensure a smooth, positive user experience," said VIAcode Practice Leader Daniil Barvitsky, who oversaw the development team. "We are amazed at how quickly the listening audience using the app has grown. From an initial user base in Russia, the audience has quickly spread to the Russian expat community everywhere."

"We’re excited to see that the app has climbed to the Top 20 list of apps in the Windows Phone Russia store," added Maxim Menzhunov, VIAcode product manager. "We are setting up a Russian user group so listeners can offer feedback and suggest enhancements for the next version. At the moment, unsolicited positive comments are already appearing daily on the Online Radio 101.RU website and through a pop-up feedback button that we designed on the app itself."

Users of the RU 101 Windows app can be found in more than 70 countries. ProfMedia and the VIAcode team are already at work on the next set of mobile app upgrades.

About VIAcode

VIAcode builds and delivers commercial and “internal” software products that make a difference for its customers. The company radically enhances technical capabilities of our clients by deploying world-class technologists throughout the software development lifecycle to deliver high quality software products on time and on budget. Viacode’s clients include large software product companies, technology start-ups, and Fortune 1000 companies. VIAcode is an Amazon Web Services Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance.

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About ProfMedia

ProfMedia is one of Russia's largest media and entertainment companies. In all major market segments, ProfMedia works with a premium target audience. ProfMedia manages a number of famous brands, including TV-3, PYATNITSA! and 2x2 in the television sector, Avtoradio, Energy, Radio Romantika, and Humour FM in radio, Central Partnership in film production and distribution, Cinema Park in cinemas, Afisha in print media, and www.rambler.ru, www.lenta.ru, www.afisha.ru, www.101.ru and other major brands in RuNet.

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