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System Center 2016 Platform

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The new System Center 2016 release contains significant updates for all components and services: Operations Manager (SCOM), Configurations Manager (SCCM), Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), Orchestrator, Service Manager, and Data Protection Manager. It provides a unified management approach across on-premises and cloud-based environments, thereby enabling Microsoft Cloud Platform for enterprise customers.

  • Our customers build large-scale applications that need to be accessible 24/7 from anywhere, deployable on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Across all these areas – from infrastructure to data, applications and hardware – there is a need to transform IT to enable and deliver business value.
  • VIAcode helps System Center users seamlessly migrate to the new product version from any of the previous installations of System Center, or to install System Center from scratch. Together with our integration partners, a carefully selected team of System Center experts, we bring our customers a complete and integrated solution for the new System Center 2016 platform for enterprise datacenter and cloud.
  • We deploy System Center 2016 Operations Manager to enable continuous health and performance monitoring of customer applications deployed in heterogeneous environments that may include not only Microsoft Windows platform, but also Linux and Unix components.
  • We deploy System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager, Data Protection Manager, Orchestrator and other components to enable enterprise-level datacenter deployment and provisioning, infrastructure monitoring, application performance and health monitoring, automation and backup.
  • VIAcode provides System Center 2016 migration service to enable our customers to unlock new Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 capabilities for the software-defined datacenter, including managing Nano clusters, shielded VMs, rolling cluster upgrades and many other valuable features.
  • Armed with System Center our customers transform their datacenters, get insights on any data, empower people-centric IT and enable modern business apps.

System Center Operations Manager 2016 Migration

Microsoft System Center components and technologies have enjoyed strong growth over the past ten years. After five Community Technical Previews, Microsoft is finally ready to announce the official RTM release of the new and powerful platform – System Center 2016, which also includes a new release of System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

It does not matter if you have already invested in monitoring infrastructure with earlier versions of SCOM or thinking about moving to the Operations Manager from another monitoring platform - the best time to start planning your move to SCOM 2016 is now!


You may have already tried some of the new System Center features in your sandbox or staging environments and realized that migration process can be trickier than you initially thought. Don’t give up!

To perform a smooth upgrade to System Center 2016, you must plan for the upgrade and address the complexities of your environments, IT infrastructure and applications. Like most IT projects, a successful SCOM migration requires careful planning, analysis, and deep product knowledge.

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System Center Configurations Manager Migration

New System Center Configurations Manager features such as support of the Windows 10, Windows in-place upgrade, new user portal, implementation of the BYOD (“bring your own device”) scenarios, and mobile device management (MDM) makes deploying and managing Windows infrastructure much easier. Now it’s even integrated with Microsoft Intune service that means that enterprise customers can extend their System Center Configuration Manager to manage Windows PCs, Linux/Unix Servers and Macs along with cloud-based mobile devices running Windows, iOS, and Android, all from a single management console.


VIAcode team along with reliable integration partners provides deployment and upgrade services for enterprise customers for System Center Configurations Manager. With our services our customers will be able get the maximum value of the Configurations Manager benefits including simplified infrastructure administration, empowered user productivity, unified IT management infrastructure and support for Windows 10.

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Why VIAcode?

VIAcode has performed hundreds of SCOM 2016 installations, configurations, and deployments. We know the ins and outs of this product, but here are three main reasons to call VIAcode for your SCOM migration:


SCOM 2016 has plenty of new features, such as Windows Server Nano support, Network Monitoring, Extended monitoring for Linux systems and so on. The VIAcode team worked with all of them extensively during the development and preview phases, and knows how that new functionality can benefit your IT Operations and, ultimately, your business.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, VIAcode works together with the Microsoft Cloud Platform team on many SCOM-related projects. We use Operations Manager every day, we know all tricks and caveats of the new platform, and know how to efficiently migrate or upgrade the monitoring platform in your enterprise datacenter.


Management Packs (MP) are the real power behind the Operations Manager. VIAcode has been focused on MP development for over 15 years, since the very first versions of the Microsoft Operations Manager, a precursor to SCOM. Today, VIAcode is a team of SCOM experts with deep professional knowledge and decades of experience.


The best migrations are the ones where the most diligence has been placed into the migration process itself. VIAcode is not just performing SCOM deployment and migration. We provide a complete migration process (including planning, documentation, planning upgrade window, execution, post-deployment verification, etc.) as well as a customized monitoring solution (custom configurations, custom Management Packs, Dashboards).

Why Now?

Every enterprise customer has their own schedule and plan for migrating to new versions of IT Management solutions. The dates are usually driven by the business and technology needs, IT policies and prior experiences within the organization.

Why should you proceed with the migration to SCOM 2016 when its RTM version is available?

SCOM 2012 R2 is the flagship monitoring solution from Microsoft. It is powerful and reliable, and because of that it has a wide distribution and high interest around the globe. The new SCOM version brings certain critical updates that might trigger many enterprise customers to immediately start migration.

Windows Server Nano

This new, lightweight version of Windows Server 2016 allows enterprise customers to use existing datacenter resources much more efficiently, thus minimizing critical resource consumption. Many companies are already planning migration of their workloads such as IIS, DNS, DHCP to Windows Server Nano. On the other hand, enterprise IT must be able to continue the monitoring of new Nano-hosted workloads; this is possible only with SCOM 2016 which offers a new Monitoring Agent and new Management Packs for Windows Server Nano.

Operations Management Suite integration

The new cloud-based IT-management platform from Microsoft offers operational intelligence, data protection and recovery, consistent control and compliance by using Azure Automation, Log Analytics, Azure Backup and other tools, but the maximum efficiency for a Hybrid solution can be attained when OMS is integrated with SCOM 2016 Management Groups in the enterprise datacenter.

Improved Performance

SCOM 2016 provides drastic performance improvements both at the Operations Console and Management Server levels. This allows IT Operations to react faster to critical system failures and reduce time to resolution for major incidents.

The new version of the System Center Operations Manager contains many new features for creating more efficient monitoring workflows. VIAcode’s goal: Provide you with 110% value of these new features and protect you from potential issues caused by the differences between SCOM 2016 and the monitoring system currently deployed in your datacenter.

System Center 2016 Migration

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or use the form at the end of the article to get the answers you need about System Center.

Custom Monitoring Scenarios Migration

VIAcode’s experienced team of SCOM consultants will help you to seamlessly migrate all monitoring scenarios to a new version of the Operations Manager, including all customizations, tuning and proprietary monitoring management packs.

In addition to standard applications monitored by Microsoft and third-party management packs, VIAcode offers Solution Assessment and Migration Readiness Review to identify problem areas in legacy and customized software, and proposes efficient solutions for migration to SCOM2016.


Migration of the enterprise Point of Sales service to Windows Server Nano

Customer decided to migrate corporate Point of Sales system to the new Windows Server 2016 Nano OS. Development team updated POS application and performed code review to make sure PoS service is ready to run on the Windows Server Nano. IT team needs guarantees that all existing IT workflows and support lifecycle will survive the migration to the new platform.

VIAcode conducted Solution Assessment and Migration Readiness Review and identified pain points in existing monitoring solutions that require MP update to run on SCOM Agent for Windows Server Nano such as:

  1. Using VBScript datasources to collect application metrics and events.
  2. Using advanced .Net libraries, not supported in Nano OS.
  3. Using advanced Powershell cmdlets, not supported in Nano OS.

The Assessment Report produced as a result of the study included all compatibility issues and recommendations to address them. VIAcode’s development team updated and tested custom monitoring solutions, allowing the customer to continue monitoring all corporate services on the new and improved platform without interruptions of service.

Contact VIAcode to learn more about System Center 2016 and our migration
and system integration services.


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