Azure Application Development Services

The Benefits of Azure for Application Development

Transform monolithic applications into cloud-native applications on Azure’s best-in-class container and serverless platforms.

Free your organization from its dependence on expensive and cumbersome legacy applications and infrastructure. VIAcode delivers decoupled cloud-native applications that respond to the changing needs of businesses in fast-paced markets and a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Built for the Cloud

VIAcode rearchitects monolithic applications as microservices, designs and builds infrastructure architectures that leverage Azure’s container management services, and helps organizations to manage, monitor, and optimize cloud-native applications hosted on Azure.

Monolithic applications bundle functionality in a single codebase. Tight integration hinders development and makes it difficult for organizations to take full advantage of DevOps workflows and Azure’s flexible cloud infrastructure.

Microservices are a cloud-native approach to application architecture that encapsulate units of functionality and communicate via APIs. Each microservice is independent and can be hosted in light-weight containers, allowing for automated deployment and scaling.

VIAcode can assist with building out the proper microservice infrastructure for your Azure application by:

  • Assessing infrastructure. We assess legacy applications and design application re-architecting strategies for your application.
  • Re-architecting to the cloud. Rearchitects and migrates .NET, Java, and NodeJS applications or parts of applications as microservices.
  • Utilizing VMs and containers. We leverage Azure’s container and serverless services for cloud-native application development and deployment.
  • Application monitoring. VIAcode will manage, monitor, and optimize application infrastructure and development processes on Azure.

Azure Cloud DevOps

Bring the flexibility and agility of DevOps to your development and provisioning workflows with self-service provisioning, cloud infrastructure automation, and continuous deployment and integration.

All Azure services can be automated via the platform’s APIs, allowing Azure users to streamline and automate labor-intensive and error-prone tasks. Infrastructure automation frees engineers to focus on activities that generate value for their business. Cloud infrastructure automation is also the key to the DevOps approach to agile application development, but it can be challenging for organizations to implement secure, reliable, and repeatable automation processes.

VIAcode helps organizations to take advantage of Azure’s potential for development-to-production workflow automation.

  • Self-service infrastructure provisioning. VIAcode helps customers to establish templates and processes for infrastructure provisioning, allowing stakeholders to deploy pre-approved and secure infrastructure on Azure Cloud platform.
  • Automated testing. We implement automated testing toolchains to facilitate fast development cycles that allow engineers to focus on their code, not their infrastructure.
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment. We facilitate the development of flexible CI/CD processes on Azure, allowing organizations to quickly iterate on applications and push code into production more frequently.

Azure Usage Analytics

VIAcode designs and implements user analytics for .NET, Java, and NodeJS applications. We help organizations to identify relevant events, implement usage instrumentation, and gain critical insights into user engagement, retention, and other actionable metrics.

Azure provides a rich variety of monitoring, logging, and analytics services for both Azure infrastructure and applications hosted on the platform. A huge amount of data is surfaced via Log Analytics, Application Insights SDKs, and Azure Monitor.

VIAcode implements usage analytics and instrumentation that allows organizations to filter the noise and surface critical data points that have an impact on the performance of applications. We provide actionable intelligence that helps organizations to understand user behavior and to achieve their business goals.

VIAcode can assist with Azure usage analytics for any situation or implementation including:

  • Event Monitoring. Identifying relevant events and builds usage analytics processes that deliver rich information to decision-makers.
  • Data Pipelines. Implementing usage instrumentation that provides the data organizations need to understand application performance and user interactions.
  • In-Depth Reporting. Providing analytics reporting that surfaces the most important metrics, such as clicks per user, dwell time on site, and conversion rates.

Why VIAcode for Agile Application Development Services?

VIAcode’s team of Azure developers and cloud experts have designed and deployed cloud-native applications on Azure for almost a decade. Our founders built a business that was acquired by Microsoft. Our developers are part of Microsoft Dev Teams for Azure Portal, Service Fabric, and several other Microsoft Technologies. No one knows more about Azure and cloud application development than VIAcode.

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