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Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Amazon kicked off the cloud revolution with the introduction of the first AWS service in 2006. Windows Azure, later renamed Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform soon followed.  Azure was announced in 2008, the same year Google introduced App Engine, a collection of cloud tools for developing and hosting web applications on Google’s infrastructure. Both […]

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Microsoft Gives Users More Control Over Their Cloud Environment With Azure Dedicated Hosts

Azure Virtual Machines are the center-piece service of Azure’s public cloud platform, allowing users to launch flexible virtual machines in a wide variety of specifications. However, for some Azure users, Virtual Machines doesn’t provide the control or the regulatory compliance they need.  To fill that gap, Microsoft recently announced the introduction of Azure Dedicated Hosts […]

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Automate Infrastructure Deployment with Azure Resource Manager

Webinar Time and Date: Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 09:30AM-10:30AM Pacific Time

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SQL Database Monitoring – from Zero to Hero

The entire IT world is celebrating! On May 30th, VIAcode experts hosted our first independent technical webinar SQL Database Monitoring – from Zero to Hero!

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Complete Guide for the SQL Database Monitoring

Business continuity for many companies now depends on the availability of IT services and components. If a problem occurs, how quickly will the failure of a critical application be detected? How complicated and how long will it take to analyze the symptoms and the root cause? How long will it take to fix?

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The MS SQL Server Monitoring MP CTP2 – what’s new?

Less than two months ago Microsoft released SQL Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Community Preview. Today, a new CTP version of that MP is available for download. Even though the interval between the releases was relatively short, that new CTP contains a number of valuable improvements.

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