Free Azure Monitor Tools and Plugins

Free Azure Monitoring Plug-ins (coming soon)

These tools will be available soon for free download from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Please sign up to be notified when a new tool is released.

Azure Storage Monitoring

Coming soon! Enables Azure Storage health and performance monitoring. This free tool is equipped with availability alerts for whenever a request to the storage account fails. It provides performance monitoring for storage account response time and includes a diagnostics dashboard showing storage accounts health.

Azure Data Factory Monitoring

Coming soon! Tracks Azure Data Factory activities and collects critical metrics, detects activity, and pipeline failures. It enables monitoring customization capabilities, so you can fine tune monitoring settings and support integration with Azure Log Analytics.

Azure Analysis Services Monitoring

Coming soon! Provides comprehensive performance and availability monitoring of Azure Analysis Services. It collects service telemetry, performance data and logs to provide users with service health insights via dashboards and alerts.

Azure Networking

Coming soon! Provides out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities for Azure Network services focusing on service availability and performance. The Network Diagnostics dashboard provides complete statistics on network performance of each monitored host and shows latency deviations for a host over a specific period of time. This Azure Monitor Plugin also allows you to track and visualize network paths tracing and their changes.

Azure SQL DB Monitoring

Coming soon! This Azure Monitor tool augments native monitoring capabilities provided by Azure SQL DB and Azure Monitor. It allows you to monitor Azure SQL DBs and provides various information on the health status of databases via a custom Health Dashboard and to monitor database performance with a variety of sophisticated performance alerts based on specified metrics, including DTU consumption, CPU consumption, DB space and Deadlocks.

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