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What Can Azure Managed Services Do For Your Business

What motivated your organization to migrate to Azure? Our clients answer this question in several ways: To reduce IT infrastructure spending. To access enterprise-grade infrastructure with greater redundancy and reliability than they could achieve in-house. To streamline the IT infrastructure management burden and reduce the associated staffing, equipment, and facilities costs. To benefit from the […]

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Weekly Round-Up – April 17, 2020

We recently did a full-length webinar on the 4 biggest challenges of managing Azure cloud that we see with our clients, including: Azure cost management. Azure security and incident management. Reporting, alerts, telemetry, and insights into your Azure environment. Integrating Azure with your organization workflows. Click here to watch the full webinar at your own […]

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SQL Server and Azure SQL Database GDPR Guidance

The new GDPR law was a significant shake-up to security regulations, and it can be a lot for a business to process. What exactly is this new law even asking? What does security principle or privacy principle mean? Will my current security tools make the cut? Luckily, Microsoft is something of an expert in security […]

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Weekly Roundup – April 6

Join Our Webinar Next Week on How to Overcome the 4 Biggest Challenges of Managing Azure Cloud We are excited to offer the expertise of Victor Mushkatin, CEO of VIAcode. He will dive into these challenges and share best practices for proactively solving them. We will discuss how to shine a light on Azure operations […]

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Growing SQL Server: Features from 2008 to 2017

Over the past nine years, Microsoft has been working hard to continually improve its SQL Server offerings to ensure SQL Server is ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of the modern age. It has embraced the benefits of cloud computing by adding cloud as a deployment option, risen to modern security challenges by implementing […]

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Azure Cost Optimization Model: How to Make the Most of Your Cloud Infrastructure Investment

This is the third article in our series on Azure Cost Optimization. In Part 1, we looked at the basics of Azure cost optimization. In Part 2, we described Azure cost optimization best practices. In Part 3, we outline an optimization process businesses can follow to take control of cloud infrastructure spending. We also recently […]

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