VIAcode Webinar: A Practical Game Plan for Building an Azure Cloud Center of Excellence

azure cloud center of excellence webinar

Learn how to overcome cloud challenges to build a Cloud Center of Excellence strategy tailored to your organization’s unique constraints with Victor Mushkatin, VIAcode CEO and former Group Program Manager for the Microsoft Azure Product Team.

The webinar, A Practical Game Plan for Building an Azure Cloud Center of Excellence, begins at 1:00 pm EST on Wednesday, February 17.

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Building a Cloud Center of Excellence

Cloud adoption is challenging for businesses without cloud infrastructure and management experience. Transitioning to the cloud has many benefits, but how can companies evolve processes, assumptions, and strategies to make the most of cloud agility and flexibility?

A Cloud Center of Excellence is a governance function that provides cross-organizational guidance, oversight, and consultation to executives and employees. Its goal is to drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and best practices.  The CCoE works with executives, employees, and cloud service users to optimize the selection of cloud providers and infrastructure architecture, security best practices, regulatory compliance, and more. 

A Cloud Center of Excellence strategy empowers businesses to transition to the cloud while ensuring that their organization is prepared and aligned with cloud implementation goals. However, implementing a CCoE is itself challenging; how should your business prioritize the people, processes, and tools it needs to optimize and maintain its Azure infrastructure?

Every organization faces a unique set of constraints and challenges. The idealized CCoE strategy promoted by consultancies and thought leaders is not always the optimal approach. This doesn’t mean your organization can’t evaluate, prioritize, and execute efficient and effective cloud practices.  In A Practical Game Plan for Building an Azure Cloud Center of Excellence, Victor Mushkatin shares his expertise to help your business implement a practical and pragmatic approach to cloud excellence.

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