Introducing the New SQL Assessment API For Microsoft SQL Server

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VIAcode is happy to announce the public availability of the SQL Assessment API, a new extension of Microsoft SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) that allows SQL Server users to programmatically evaluate the configuration of SQL Server instances against a configurable set of rules.

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VIAcode Will Migrate Your Applications To Azure Cloud For Free

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Does legacy IT infrastructure frustrate your efforts to grow and evolve business-critical applications? Are you paying too much for on-premises or colocated servers? Migrating to the Azure cloud will free your business from legacy infrastructure. With Azure, businesses iterate quickly, scale smoothly, and take control of infrastructure spending.

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Best Practices for Building a Cloud Migration Strategy

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How a Cloud Migration Assessment Will Help Avoid Mistakes

Rehosting to Azure can bring incredible improvements to infrastructure agility, scalability, and performance, as we discussed in the previous article in this series [...] Read More

Why Cloud Migration: The Benefits of Rehosting to Azure

This is part 1 of our 4-part series on the benefits of cloud migration with Azure. Azure cloud migration is the transfer of [...] Read More

Microsoft Updates Version-Agnostic Management Pack For SQL Server With Support For SQL Server 2012-2016

Microsoft recently released updates to the version-agnostic management pack for SQL Server. The management pack was originally released in November 2017 and at [...] Read More

Bring SCOM Alert Rules to Azure Monitor with SCOM Alert Management by VIAcode

VIAcode is happy to announce the release of a new Azure Marketplace app that makes it easier for Azure users to integrate their [...] Read More

Application Performance Monitoring with Azure Application Insights, Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics

Azure Application Performance Monitoring provides a comprehensive array of telemetry, monitoring primitives, and domain-specific monitoring tools for all Azure services.

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Application Performance Monitoring with Azure Application Insights, Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics

On September 20, VIAcode’s CEO Victor Mushkatin, one of the creators of Azure Application Insights, entrepreneur and cloud manageability visionary, hosted a webinar [...] Read More

Automate Infrastructure Deployment with Azure Resource Manager

Still no ARM? Manual deployment is like digging a pit with a shovel. Don’t miss the excavator! VIAcode DevOps technical brains, Alexey Baltikov [...] Read More
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