CEO Pulse: Software Insights From Around the Web

At VIAcode, we work with companies that are building businesses from many different types of software.  In fact, the variety of applications is truly mind-boggling.  Our clients want to:

  • Make IT Management better and more powerful.
  • Transform vertical markets to make them more efficient and profitable.
  • Extend their business applications to mobile devices, the cloud, or both to increase agility and responsiveness to customers.
  • Create a complete mobile business world for their customers and work inwards from there.
  • Ingest massive amounts of data, make sense of it all, and then use the answers for fun and profit.

Since we can’t predict what we’re going to build next, we spend a lot of time researching the likely technical needs of our clients and following their markets in order to serve them better.  This post represents the best of what we’ve learned from scouring the web over the last few weeks:

  • Andreesen Horowitz, the renowned venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, publishes one of the best technology blogs on the web.  Their partners take turns giving keen insights into happenings in the cloud, enterprise software, consumer technologies, and eCommerce.  This piece by Jeff Jordan describes the tipping point in eCommerce that has taken place over the last 12 months.  Andreesen Horowitz also has a lot to say about how markets experience disruption, adjust and prosper and about the importance of a platform approach when designing massive scalable software products for businesses or consumers.
  • Sequoia Capital, another first rate VC firm, frequently spotlights its portfolio companies.  This post by Airbnb CTO Nathan Blecharcyk discusses quite clearly why the customer experience in applications is so critically important.
  • Eric Reis writes a superior blog called Startup Lessons Learned, and, in this piece, he explores the importance of creating a Minimum Viable Product in advance of a full product release to gain feedback and make a product better.  The blog entry comes with an excellent video and slide show, too.  Eric has a lot to say about lean analytics, too.
  • There’s some great information on Slideshare if you’re willing to look for it – like this excellent presentation from the VC firm, Greylock, on the Cloud Market in 2014.
  • Two articles from The Next Web and from Medium go deep into the role of Product Managers inside software companies. I would like to say that VIAcode’s software development capability is the biggest ingredient for success, but it’s not.  It’s a close second.  We’ve found that the number one factor for success revolves around the quality of Product Management inside our client companies.

That’s all for now.  Check back in a couple of weeks for another installment of Software Insights From Around the Web.

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