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White papers

Azure Monitor 101

By Alexey Baltikov

All vital elements of the business application exist in Azure framework and this situation leads us to the main project role of our DevOps team – configure monitoring environment for the reporting application based on native Azure Management services.
The monitoring solution should include performance metrics and logs collection, Azure portal dashboards and alert rules. Looks like quite ordinary goal, but the question is which Azure Management service is better to use? The answer is: Azure Monitor.

App Modernization - Usage Analytics

By Yuri Sherstiuk

Analytics has been used throughout our lives. It is difficult to imagine a large company or resource working without data collection and further analysis. Can a marketing department that doesn’t have any analytical data work?

Manual deployment and auto deployment in Azure

By Sergey Kisilev

In this article, I want to tell you about the difference in the approaches of manual deployment and automation deployment in Azure. When it is better to use manual deployment, and when it is better to automate it.

Automate Infra deployment with ARM

By Alexey Baltikov

Migration to the cloud enables tons of new capabilities to manage IT infrastructure. Not using these features is not a crime, but makes you someone who uses only one blade of a brand new Swiss army knife. One of the most powerful “blades” of Microsoft Azure is ARM – Azure Resource Manager.

SQL DB Monitoring – from basics to pro

By Ilia Izmailov

These days Microsoft SQL Server tends to be more than an ordinary database engine for Windows-centric datacenter. Its capabilities and cloud integration features are growing as well as its deployment scenarios. The main goal of this post is to guide you through the multiple tools that can be used to monitor SQL Databases taking into account various environments, special needs and monitoring tools you already have.