Free Azure Optimization Assessment

Identify and prioritize Azure infrastructure improvements.

VIAcode Consulting offers a free assessment to help you identify and prioritize Azure infrastructure improvements that can reduce cost and improve performance and operations. After our assessment, you will receive a detailed report with specific recommendations on how to optimize cost, improve security and enable high availability of your infrastructure.

1. Azure Cost Optimization

  • Idle resources deallocation automation
  • Resources rightsizing
  • Telemetry exhaust optimization

2. Azure Security Audit

  • Patch/malware management process improvements
  • Security monitoring gap analysis

3. Business Continuity

  • Backup primary/secondary objectives review and alignment
  • Resiliency analysis

4. Availability and Performance Monitoring

  • Noisy alerts filtering
  • Monitoring gaps analysis
  • Incident management process improvements

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation for Free Azure Optimization Assessment

Speak with our sales engineers and Azure Certified cloud architects.

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