Talking Heads MP for SCOM 2012 AVIcode APM Released

The 2012 is around the corner, so we ported the APM demo lab’s SCOM 2007 R2 management pack to SCOM 2012. Now you can test drive APM in both SCOM 2007 R2 and SCOM 2012. Also, this exercise gives you some idea what application monitoring migration from 2007 R2 to 2012 will feel like if your management packs are not very customized.

Good news everyone! The educational management pack for SCOM 2012 APM features, the Talking Heads MP 2012 has recently been released:

If you remember, the is a suite of tools and applications to help you get started with AVIcode Application Performance Management (APM) features of SCOM 2012 and SCOM 2007. It includes all bits and pieces to put your own very own APM demo lab and learn how to monitor and manage application performance. You download and deploy the web application, install the management pack that comes with it, run the generator tool and experience the AVIcode capabilities in real time.
You may want to take a look at one of the earlier blog posts, APM monitoring feature in SCOM 2012, before importing the management pack. Also, don’t forget to start System Center Management APM service as it is disabled by default.
Note: if you want to avoid having to edit the MP by hand, you need to install TalkingHeads web application and TalkingHeadsMidtier web service to the “Default Web Site” running on port 80 into Default Web SiteTalkingHeads and Default Web SiteTalkingHeadsMidtier virtual folders. This way applications in MP will be discovered automatically.
TalkingHeads MP for SCOM 2012 APM importing steps

  • Import TalkingHeads MP for SCOM 2012 APM.
  • Restart Health Service to initialize application discovery and wait a bit for TalkingHeads to appear on the “Authoring” -> “.NET Application Performance Monitoring” pane.
  • The TalkingHeads MP references the “APM CSM Encryption Profile”, which you do not have. Remove it and specify your own valid account (e.g. Domain Administrator):
  • Originally AVIcode requires server side monitoring configuration to be applied before client side. We have imported the whole configuration in MP at once. In order to enable server side monitoring first you should temporally disable client side monitoring of TalkingHeads application:Restart Health Service to apply monitoring changes, do IISRESET.
  • Now the server-side monitoring is turned on while client-side monitoring is switched off. Make sure the server-side is monitored (status in console + click some links and check for events and counters in AppDiagnostics).
  • Now when we’ve checked the server-side monitoring is on for the TalkingHeads application, you may enable client-side monitoring (yes, the one we disabled in #4). You will need to bounce the Health Service and IIS application pool again.

Tip: look up MPWiki to learn more about this management pack!
Good luck and please feel free to post your questions!

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