SQL Server 2017+ Management Packs Released!

SQL Server 2017+ Management Packs Released!

This week Microsoft announced the release of SQL Server 2017+ and SQL Server 2017+ Replication Management Packs for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) version 7.0.

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Complete Guide for the SQL Database Monitoring

Business continuity for many companies now depends on the availability of IT services and components.

  1. If a problem occurs, how quickly will the failure of a critical application be detected?
  2. How complicated and how long will it take to analyze the symptoms and the root cause?
  3. How long will it take to fix?
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Microsoft Inspire 2017

VIAcode Consulting will join thousands of Microsoft partners on the new Microsoft conference in Washington D.C., July 9-13.

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SQL Server MP – No More SQL2005


Microsoft just released a new CTP version of the SQL Server Management Pack 6.7.3, that includes new bug fixes and some new features specific to SQL Server 2016.

Let’s download updated MP package and review what’s new together!

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The MS SQL Server Monitoring MP CTP2 – what’s new?

The MS SQL Server Monitoring MP CTP2 - what's new?

Less than two months ago Microsoft released SQL Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Community Preview. Today, a new CTP version of that MP is available for download. Even though the interval between the releases was relatively short, that new CTP contains a number of valuable improvements.

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New Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server. Datacenter View.

In the previous two blog posts we have discussed the installation procedures (link) and performance improvements (LINK) in the new version of MS SQL Management Pack (MP). The Datacenter View, the Dashboards home page, provides information about the datacenter health state in an aggregated way.

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The Secrets to Navigating Your Path to the Cloud

Cloud computing services continue to evolve rapidly – becoming both more powerful and more complex. Based on what you read in the trade press and from analysts, your company is probably either working in or thinking of migrating key computing and application functions to the Cloud. If you are still on sidelines and thinking of making a much bigger investment, the question you should ask yourself is a simple one that probably has a complex answer:

Is your Company ready for the Cloud?

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The Biggest Challenges in Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Developing apps for multiple mobile platforms is one of great challenges in software development. Technologists want similar performance across all platforms and device form factors, and they want to take advantage of the unique features that the leading mobile OSes – iOS, Android, and Windows – have to offer.  From an efficiency and cost perspective, cross platform development seems like the way to go; however, as the former head of the Windows division at Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky, points out in a recent podcast, the cross platform approach is fraught with challenges. There isn’t such a thing as a 100 percent cross platform app.  You can get close, but the last 20 percent of any mobile project is always custom to the OS and devices you’re building for.  So the real question is, when do you decide whether to go cross platform?

Here are the questions you should ask:

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Microsoft Is Truly A Cloud Leader

There is no doubt about it: Microsoft has become a Cloud leader. According to research from Pacific Crest Securities, Microsoft’s 2014 cloud revenues are on track to reach $4.4 billion. Microsoft is nipping at the heels of Amazon AWS’s estimated $5 billion in revenues and is within shouting distance of another market leader, IBM. Four years ago, Microsoft generated no revenues from Cloud services. Today, Microsoft has Cloud services that not only offer basic computing and storage, but a variety of cloud-based applications and services that are world-class. The Microsoft Cloud brings four, major advantages:

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7 Steps to Surviving a Software Product Assessment

Software product assessments happen for a lot of reasons, but the three most common reasons are:

  1. There is a transaction happening – usually a funding event or the sale of the company – and the people on the other side of a transaction want to see that your product works as advertised.
  2. Your company is conducting a portfolio review and wants to compare your product with others in the company that could also use investment.
  3. Your company is going through a budgeting process to see what level of investment you need.

When you prepare for your next software product assessment, technical details are just the starting point. You have to keep in mind the business problem your product hopes to solve. Thriving – not merely surviving – through a tough technical audit should be the end game. Here are seven key secrets for conquering your next software product assessment.

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Refactor vs. Rebuild: The Next Generation Application Development Dilemma

One of the toughest choices an IT organization must make is whether to refactor an existing application or rebuild from scratch. The economic stakes are high; time to market is always critical; and the end-user community usually wants something new by tomorrow – at the latest. IT teams begin looking at the refactor-versus-rebuild decision when the application:

  • Lacks key functionality because it hasn’t evolved with the business (e.g., mobility or cloud integration)
  • Performs poorly
  • Becomes hard to maintain and upgrade.
  • In addition, the technologies once used to create the application may have become obsolete and no longer align with best practices for software development. Even worse, they may no longer be supported by the vendors that created them.

Here are six key factors you need to consider as you decide whether to refactor or rebuild your application.

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VIAcode MP Wiki and Cloud Commander are Nominated in the 2014 Best of TechEd Awards Program

Two VIAcode software products have been officially nominated in the Best of TechEd (BOTE) North America Product Awards in the “Systems Management and Operations” category.  This award competition, produced by Windows IT Pro, recognizes the innovative products and services showcased at Microsoft TechEd North America 2014.  This specific award category acknowledges those tools or services that significantly improve the efficiency of IT operations.

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CEO Pulse: Software Insights From Around the Web

At VIAcode, we work with companies that are building businesses from many different types of software.  In fact, the variety of applications is truly mind-boggling.  Our clients want to:

  • Make IT Management better and more powerful.
  • Transform vertical markets to make them more efficient and profitable.
  • Extend their business applications to mobile devices, the cloud, or both to increase agility and responsiveness to customers.
  • Create a complete mobile business world for their customers and work inwards from there.
  • Ingest massive amounts of data, make sense of it all, and then use the answers for fun and profit.
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