Cloud Migration

Rehost applications to Azure to reduce infrastructure costs and benefit from limitless scalability, on-demand infrastructure provisioning, and enhanced performance and availability. VIAcode Cloud Migration Services include:

  1. VM lift-and-shift​
  2. DB/Storage migration and refactoring ​
  3. Network connectivity configuration​
  4. SC management migration​

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Cloud Operationalization

VIAcode helps organizations to operationalize their Azure infrastructure for optimal performance, availability, security, and business continuity. VIAcode Cloud Operationalization services include:


  1. Availability and performance monitoring ​
  2. Security management​
  3. Business continuity ​
  4. Cost Optimization

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Why Migrate to Azure Using VIAcode?

Enterprises choose VIAcode for flexibility, reliability, and cost-efficiency. We can migrate your legacy IT infrastructure and applications with no cost, no risk, and no downtime. Sweet deal….and guaranteed.

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Architecting for the Cloud

Rearchitect monolithic applications as cloud-native microservices running on Azure’s best-in-class Kubernetes container management platform. VIAcode’s Agile Application Development Services will:

  1. Reduce cost
  2. Improve security
  3. Improve performance
  4. Increase scale

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Streamline your production-to-release workflow with Azure application release automation.

Optimize your Azure cloud application’s release pipeline with the proper release automation tools and strategy. Automating the deployment and release process saves time, reduces cost, and eliminates error-prone manual steps.

VIAcode DevOps services can:

  1. Help you establish CI/CD process
  2. Implement automated testing tool chain
  3. Enable the desired state of configuration management policies

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Usage Analytics Instrumentation

Implement Azure usage analytics to surface relevant application metrics, make better decisions, and enhance application performance and user engagement. Learn how users are interacting with your application and gain critical business insights to help drive your product road map and development process. Measure and report on user engagement, retention, and sales funnels for multiple user cohorts and personas.


VIAcode’s Usage Analytics Instrumentation Services will:

  1. Identify and filter the events which provide insight on customer activity
  2. Implements usage instrumentation
  3. Prepares analytical reporting such as clicks per user, dwell time on site and order conversion rate

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Why Re-architect Your Applications For Azure Using VIAcode?

We free your organization from its dependence on expensive and cumbersome legacy applications and infrastructure. VIAcode delivers decoupled cloud-native applications that respond to the changing needs of businesses in fast-paced markets and a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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Business Continuity

Azure disaster recovery planning and infrastructure management from VIAcode keeps applications fast and available when disaster strikes.

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Azure Infrastructure Management

We build and manage Azure infrastructure deployments to improve monitoring, governance and compliance.

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Azure Cost Management

Minimize Azure cloud spending by monitoring cloud utilization and implementing cloud cost allocation strategies that maximize the return on investment for cloud IT budgets.

VIAcode Azure Cost Management Services will:

  1. Minimize costs for your application with Azure cloud cost management services.
  2. Identify areas of under- and over-utilization within your cloud infrastructure to ensure resources are being properly allocated to keep performance high and organizational costs low.
  3. Makes cloud more cost-effective by right-sizing cloud platforms.
  4. Reduce the cost of cloud monitoring.
  5. Provide analytics for internal cost attribution accounting.

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Azure Security Monitoring and Management

Keep your application safe and monitor security across on-premise and cloud workloads with Azure security monitoring. Identify and correct vulnerabilities before they can be exploited and stay a step ahead of would-be attackers.

VIAcode Azure Security Monitoring and Management Services will:

  1. Enable centralized management of security policies.
  2. Implement continuous security assessment and DDoS attack monitoring.
  3. Ensure actionable alerts and recommendations.
  4. Leverage cloud security monitoring services to monitor on-premise and cloud workloads and keep your data safe.

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Why Manage Your Cloud Operations Using VIAcode?

Businesses choose Azure for flexibility, reliability, and cost-efficiency. We maximize the value of that infrastructure investment by maintaining, monitoring, and improving Azure environments while our clients focus on achieving their strategic goals.

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Special Offers

What's the catch? No catch, really! Our free migration services are mostly funded by Microsoft programs that enable clients to move to Azure hassle-free.

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