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Secure Remote Administration of Azure VMs with Azure Bastion

Over the last few months, IT professionals have more often managed servers from living rooms and bedrooms than offices and data centers. COVID–19 has made remote workers of us all, amplifying a trend also accelerated by the spread of cloud computing. Why go into the office when you manage virtual servers in a remote data […]

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An Introduction To Microsoft SQL Server Monitoring

This post is a high-level summary of our white paper on SQL database monitoring. For more depth and detail, you can download the full white paper. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely adopted database platforms in the world. For many years an excellent database engine for Windows-centric data centers, today SQL Server […]

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Five Azure Monitoring and Incident Management Tools You Need To Know About

Azure Monitor is the platform’s central monitoring, notification, and alerting system. It brings together tools for turning telemetry—logs and metrics—from across Azure into actionable information. But, despite Azure Monitor’s power, SMBs struggle to use it effectively. Consequently, they lack visibility into the state of their infrastructure, and, without that visibility, it is difficult or impossible […]

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Understand and Optimize Your Infrastructure With Azure Monitor

Do you know what you need to know about the state of your organization’s Azure infrastructure? For many SMEs, the answer is no. Is anyone responsible for monitoring Azure infrastructure and reacting to potential problems? Again, the answer is often no. There are two main culprits for SME’s lack of insight into their infrastructure. The […]

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How SitePro Transports Data Instantly Over The Azure Cloud

As the saying goes, time is money. Watch SitePro help their clients save time by efficiently installing their IoT sensors at new job sites, and then providing up-to-the-minute data to their clients, so they can make business decisions more quickly and easily. What valuable time could the latest cloud technologies save you and your customers? […]

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SQL Server and Azure SQL Database GDPR Guidance

The new GDPR law was a significant shake-up to security regulations, and it can be a lot for a business to process. What exactly is this new law even asking? What does security principle or privacy principle mean? Will my current security tools make the cut? Luckily, Microsoft is something of an expert in security […]

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