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SCOM in the Cloud: Integrating SCOM Alerts With Azure Monitor

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a powerful tool. Businesses that use SCOM to monitor on-premises infrastructure naturally want to preserve their functionality when they migrate to the cloud. Those with a mixed environment that includes VMs lifted to the cloud and serverless resources want to monitor all of their infrastructure in one place. […]

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How the Azure Cloud Helps Businesses Secure Their Infrastructure

Businesses face a bewildering array of infrastructure security threats. Criminals and other bad actors invest substantial resources into developing sophisticated attacks and malware, while businesses struggle to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving threat landscape with vast amounts of money in play. Bromium, a cybersecurity company, estimates that the cybercrime economy was worth $1.5 trillion […]

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Application Performance Monitoring with Azure Application Insights, Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics

Azure Application Performance Monitoring provides a comprehensive array of telemetry, monitoring primitives, and domain-specific monitoring tools for all Azure services.

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VIAcode provides services for migration, optimization and management for Azure.

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