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8 Ways to Optimize Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Once a business has migrated to Azure, its attention often turns to optimization. Are Azure’s services and servers performing as expected, as secure as possible, and as reliable as they could be? There is usually room for improvement, and that is the goal of Azure optimization. In this article, we consider what Azure optimization means […]

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How Azure SLAs Can Help You to Achieve Optimal Uptime and Availability

Microsoft Azure is designed to minimize downtime, and Microsoft offers guarantees about the maximum amount of downtime service users should expect in the form of Service Level Agreements. It provides services and guidance that help Azure users to decrease downtime and offers better SLAs when Azure users take advantage of redundancy features built into the […]

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The 4 Most Common Problems in Managing Azure

VIAcode’s Azure Managed Services target the Azure infrastructure problems we see most often. Businesses migrate to Azure with clear goals, but they find it challenging to maximize the platform’s potential. We aim to help our clients to solve their Azure infrastructure problems and fully exploit the cost, security, and process advantages of hosting cloud infrastructure […]

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Optimizing Your Cloud Infrastructure with Azure Managed Services

‌In our previous blog post on Azure Managed Services, What Can Azure Managed Services Do For Your Business? we looked at how businesses leverage managed services to maximize the value of their Azure infrastructure. In this article, we take a closer look at some high-impact optimization opportunities that enhance infrastructure performance, scalability, and resilience. If […]

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Increase Your ROI With Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

  Switching from an on-premises server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance can result in an ROI of 212% and post-migration payback within six months. How is this possible? The brilliance behind Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is its customizability. Choose and pay for exactly the space and computing power you need, while utilizing options […]

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AWS vs. Azure: Why Migrate Your Applications To Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services was first introduced to the world with the release of Simple Queue Service in 2004. Relaunched in 2006 with the addition of S3 and EC2, AWS quickly grew into the dominant cloud platform. Microsoft was slower off the blocks than Amazon. Azure was announced in 2008, released in 2010 as Windows Azure, […]

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