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What Can Microsoft Azure Do For Your Business?


Microsoft Azure is the world’s leading cloud platform for enterprise organizations. With Microsoft Azure, businesses reduce infrastructure costs, create hybrid cloud environments that seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud infrastructure, and adopt agile DevOps infrastructure deployment and management strategies.


Microsoft Azure is a rich ecosystem of platforms and services. Businesses that use Azure’s cloud services benefit from reliable Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and serverless computing, in addition to industry-leading monitoring, management, networking, and artificial intelligence services.


Azure Infrastructure Management from VIAcode


VIAcode helps businesses to migrate applications to Azure and optimize, manage, and monitor their on-premises and Azure Cloud Infrastructure.


VIAcode brings the expertise of over 100 Azure and enterprise infrastructure specialists together to solve your business’s infrastructure challenges. They include numerous former Microsoft employees, DevOps professionals, engineers, developers, database specialists, monitoring experts, and more.


VIAcode will work with your business to help it to achieve optimal cloud cost-effectiveness, reliability, security, and performance.


Among the Azure managed services we offer are:

  • Azure migration, including free application rehosting, as well as application re-architecting and refactoring for the Azure environment.
  • A comprehensive cloud infrastructure management solution that includes deployment, automation, optimization, and proactive issue resolution.
  • Azure cost management, including implementing monitoring and cost-management planning to minimize cloud spending and waste.
  • Cloud security monitoring and management to keep your data and infrastructure safe and secure.


Who Needs Azure Infrastructure Management?


Any business that uses or plans to migrate to Azure will benefit from our ability to implement, optimize, and manage Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.





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Amazon Web Services was first introduced to the world with the release of Simple Queue Service in 2004. Relaunched in 2006 with the addition of S3 and EC2, AWS quickly grew into the dominant cloud platform. Microsoft was slower off the blocks than Amazon. Azure was announced in 2008, released in 2010 as Windows Azure, and was renamed Microsoft Azure in 2014.

But, in spite of starting later, Azure has grown into a robust platform that is as capable as AWS. Because of Microsoft’s expertise with enterprise software and services, it is superior as a business cloud platform for many use cases.

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The bad news is that you will have to bite the bullet sooner or later. The good news is that there are better hosting options than colocated servers with substantial upfront costs or leased servers that will eventually become obsolete.

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