Bring SCOM Alert Rules to Azure Monitor with SCOM Alert Management by VIAcode

VIAcode is happy to announce the release of a new Azure Marketplace app that makes it easier for Azure users to integrate their on-site infrastructure with Azure Monitor’s logging and monitoring interface. SCOM Alert Management automates the creation of alert rules from the System Center Operations Manager in an Azure Monitor Log Alert workspace.

SCOM Alert Management automatically creates an alert rule for each SCOM alert type, following which the alert rule is available on Azure Monitor and can be managed in the same way as standard query rules.

SCOM Alert Management is a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to leverage Azure Monitor’s powerful alert tools for all of their Microsoft-based infrastructure. With SCOM Alert Management, users can:

  • Automatically create Azure Alert Rules for all existing SCOM alerts.
  • Propagate the SCOM Alert description into Azure Alert events.
  • Enable or disable the generation of Azure Alerts for corresponding SCOM Alerts.
  • Enable IT Service Management (ITSM) integration for SCOM Alerts.

SCOM Alert Management also supports integration scenarios that include webhooks and action groups, among others.

Download SCOM Alert Management solution from Azure Marketplace!

Bringing SCOM and Azure Monitor Together

The System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a cross-platform monitoring system for data centers. It uses agents installed on monitored computers to communicate system events and application alerts to a central SCOM server. It is a flexible and widely used tool that allows system administrators to centralize alert monitoring and streamline data center management.

Azure Monitor plays a similar role for infrastructure deployed on the Azure cloud platform, collating logs and system alerts in a database that can be queried, analyzed, and used to build reports and visualizations. Azure Monitor’s alert rules leverage the full capabilities of its query language, making it a flexible and reliable system for monitoring cloud infrastructure.

Before VIAcode released SCOM Alert Management, users of SCOM and Azure Monitor would have to create Alert rules for Azure logs manually. But with SCOM Alert Management, much of the complexity is automated, allowing users to seamlessly harmonize alert rules between platforms by generating Azure Alert Rules for pre-existing SCOM alerts and automatically integrating SCOM Alerts with ITSM.

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