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Growing SQL Server: Features from 2008 to 2017

Over the past nine years, Microsoft has been working hard to continually improve its SQL Server offerings to ensure SQL Server is ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of the modern age. It has embraced the benefits of cloud computing by adding cloud as a deployment option, risen to modern security challenges by implementing […]

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Weekly Roundup – Mar 27

We have a new ebook on Cost Optimization, Best Practices for Azure. Are you looking for ideas to save money in Azure? The ebook has 5 best practices for cost optimization as well as a cost optimization model. You can download your copy here:  Get More Info Get more information from VIAcode. Name* First Last […]

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How IoT Can Help Your Organization Keep Customers Coming Back For More

Staying in control of your IoT assets is important. That’s why you should have the industry-leading data protection features and standards of Azure IoT Central. It acts as a single pane of glass for your enterprise IoT and gives you the connectivity to drive transformation. It’s not always easy adopting new solutions; that’s why you […]

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Increase Your ROI With Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

  Switching from an on-premises server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance can result in an ROI of 212% and post-migration payback within six months. How is this possible? The brilliance behind Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is its customizability. Choose and pay for exactly the space and computing power you need, while utilizing options […]

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7 Quick Microsoft Azure Security Best Practices for 2020

Microsoft Azure operates a shared responsibility security model. Microsoft provides a secure infrastructure. It makes available tools and services to help users to build and manage secure cloud infrastructure deployments. But it is the responsibility of Azure users to manage their cloud infrastructure in line with security best practices. It is possible to deploy secure […]

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Does Your Business Suffer From Technical Debt?

What is Technical Debt? Technical debt is a cost imposed on a business because of the technical decisions it made in the past. IT leaders and developers use the metaphor of technical debt to describe the present-day consequences of past infrastructure and software decisions. There are many costs to being stuck with old and inadequate […]

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