Azure Migration Services

VIAcode experts will migrate existing infrastructure and applications from on-premise environment to Azure Cloud with minimal downtime and predictable outcomes.

Cloud Migration Assessment

During the Cloud Migration Assessment step VIAcode will:

  • Identify all assets that can be moved to the cloud while considering cost and security implications as well as technical compatibility
  • Create an inventory associated with on-premise physical and virtual configurations
  • Collect performance metrics for all target infrastructure
  • Gather networking configuration, topology and bandwidth requirements
  • Confirm Active Directory topology

Migration Strategy

The Azure cloud migration strategy will cover the following areas:

  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) model to support effective security, policy/compliance enablement and cost attribution
  • Rightsizing of the cloud infrastructure based on collected performance and configuration data to support predicted workload
  • Cloud migration model to support maintenance window schedule and concurrent cloud/on-premise availability
  • Networking topology, such as VNets, firewalls, ExpressRoutes, inbound/outbound availability
  • Plan for Active Directory migration to/integration with Azure Active Directory
  • On-premise to cloud license transition for IaaS workloads

Cloud Deployment

The deployment phase of the Azure cloud migration will consist of creating:

  • Key Azure elements, such as tenants, subscriptions, resource groups and resources
  • Configuration and synchronization of the Azure Active Directory with on-premise Active Directory
  • Networking configuration, such as public/private address spaces, VNet/peering, Network Security Groups (NSG), ExpressRoutes, site to site VPNs, firewalls, etc.
  • Virtual Machine (VM)/Database migration to the new infrastructure using Azure-native tools such as Azure Site Recovery, Azure Backup and SQL Service Migration Assistant

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