Azure News Roundup – July 24, 2020

Welcome to our latest collection of Azure news and announcements from the past two weeks. It’s been a busy time between Microsoft Inspire this week along with the end of the 2020 fiscal year.

There’s lots of big news in the Azure ecosystem, and Azure continues to grow, so do the number of users with questions about how to optimize their Azure environment. That’s why we created our new Azure Snapshot tool, that can give you optimization scores for your Azure security and monitoring implementation, as well as look for spend and cost savings. It only takes a minute and is completely free, so try it out today!

Inspire 2020: Microsoft announces updates to Azure, 365 and Teams

Microsoft unveiled the second generation of Azure Stack HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure), which allows users to run virtualized workloads on-premise while connecting to Azure. Microsoft also announced a new deployment wizard which aims to help IT administrators to quickly setup an Azure Stack HCI cluster and connect to Azure.

Microsoft Inspire 2020: A Journey of Digital Transformation

This year, held online, collaboration giant Microsoft announced new ‘Teams Rooms’ offerings. The new features make it easier to deploy and manage a fleet of devices, with improvements across device set-up, bulk management tasks, and health monitoring.

The Role of Edge Computing in Commercial IoT Deployments

In the next 10 years, IoT devices are projected to dwarf mobile and PC units, which means we need a new type of networking solution to handle that much data. Edge computing is believed to be that evolution, which would move computation and storage far closer to the endpoint.

Azure Files support and new updates in advanced threat protection for Azure Storage

Microsoft announces the preview of extending advanced threat protection for Azure Storage to support Azure Files and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 API, helping customers to protect their data stored in file shares and data stores designed for enterprise big data analytics.

Microsoft reports $38 billion in Q4 2020 revenue: Azure up 47%

Microsoft’s release noted that “cloud usage and demand increased as customers continued to work and learn from home. More cloud usage but slower revenue growth means signing on new customers isn’t so easy in the pandemic.

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