Azure News Roundup – September 4, 2020

Universal Shifting to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform for Live-Action, Animation Production

The goal is to let creatives collaborate more easily and efficiently across geographic regions and with outside vendors. “It will unlock a new way to make movies in a way we haven’t been able to do before.” 

Empowering remote learning with Azure Cognitive Services

Remote learning tools have never been more critical. Immersive Reader enables students to translate in over 70 languages, read text aloud, focus attention through highlighting, other design elements, and more. 

Four More Bugs Patched in Microsoft’s Azure Sphere IoT Platform

The vulnerability, according to researchers, can be exploited by an application that hides in Azure Sphere and executes a process within Microsoft’s custom Linux-based OS. 

Azure Spring Cloud: a fully managed service for Spring Boot apps is now generally available

With Azure Spring Cloud, you can focus on building the apps that run your business without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

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