Azure News Roundup – September 18, 2020

Visual Studio Codespaces is consolidating into GitHub Codespaces

If you’re an existing Visual Studio Codespaces user, you can start your transition to GitHub Codespaces now and the current Azure offering will be retired in February 2021.

Get Started with Azure Bicep – Alternative to ARM Templates

Azure Bicep is the latest tool from Microsoft for deploying Azure resources in a DevOps process, and it’s even open source!

Microsoft’s underwater datacenters 

Microsoft completed a year-long project that proved the concept of underwater datacenters is feasible, as well as logistically, environmentally and economically practical.

Microsoft wants to take on Amazon in connecting satellites to the cloud

Microsoft plans to connect a Spanish imaging satellite to two ground stations — both located in Microsoft’s home state of Washington — to show that it can directly download satellite “data to the Azure Cloud for immediate processing.”

Microsoft Releases Open Source Fuzzing Framework for Azure

Microsoft announces the release of Project OneFuzz, an open source fuzzing framework for Azure that the tech giant has been using internally for the past year to find and patch bugs.

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