Azure Optimization Services

We will ensure that your cloud operation is running optimally - cost, security, availability and performance.

Azure Assessment

The proprietary VIAcode Cloud Assessment will help you identify and prioritize Azure infrastructure improvements. After our cloud assessment, you will receive a detailed report with specific recommendations on how to optimize cost, improve security and enable high availability of your Azure infrastructure as follows:

  • Security – best practices around data governance, end points protection, user accounts, access and patch management
  • Cost optimization – rightsizing and idle resource optimization recommendations for VM, Web Apps, SQL and storage
  • Business continuity – recommendation for implementing high availability and data recovery solutions for storage, VM, SQL and web apps
  • Health monitoring – recommendations around additional data collection and alerting to improve monitoring and troubleshooting process
  • Governance and compliance – recommendations for platform management unification to prevent shadow IT expenses and enforcements of best practices

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Infrastructure Optimization

The prioritized enhancements identified in the Cloud Optimization Assessment will be implemented by VIAcode experts. Those that will have the greatest priority and impact will be implemented to make your Azure environment more efficient and effective including:

  • Infrastructure optimization based on assessment recommendations reducing cost related to over-provision or under-utilized resources, reducing security risks, and ensuring a higher performing and available operations.
  • Implementation of centralized hybrid monitoring for on-premise and cloud environment using Azure Monitor providing a full view of your entire operation.
  • Azure Monitor, Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel integration with existing incident management processes capturing and highlighting issues that could otherwise go undetected.
  • Security and cost governance using Azure Blueprints and Policies helpng to manage costs and secure resources.

Application Modernization

VIAcode has been re-architecting monolithic architecture and building new applications for Azure since its beginning. Applications designed for the cloud perform better, are more scalable at lower cost. VIAcode’s rearchitecture services for the cloud include:

  • Enabling scalability with Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Azure Container Instances (ACI) and WebApps
  • Delivering high availability implementations using Azure Front Door/Traffic Manager, Azure Application Gateway/Load Balancer, Azure Content Delivery Network, geo-replication
  • Implementing scalability automation using scale-up and scale-out approach
  • Cloud deployment enablement of your application from Azure Service Catalogue and Azure Marketplace Enabling application telemetry collection for monitoring, troubleshooting and usage analytics
  • Implementation of CI/CD process using Azure DevOps
  • Enabling application telemetry collection for monitoring, troubleshooting and usage analytics

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