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An Introduction To Microsoft SQL Server Monitoring

This post is a high-level summary of our white paper on SQL database monitoring. For more depth and detail, you can download the full white paper. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely adopted database platforms in the world. For many years an excellent database engine for Windows-centric data centers, today SQL Server […]

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Azure News Roundup – June 26, 2020

Welcome to our latest roundup of all the major news events in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem over the past two weeks. Microsoft confirms acquisition of CyberX to boost security in its Azure IoT business Microsoft’s interest in the company touches on two key areas: IT services for large enterprises, and cybersecurity — specifically cybersecurity leveraging […]

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Five Azure Monitoring and Incident Management Tools You Need To Know About

Azure Monitor is the platform’s central monitoring, notification, and alerting system. It brings together tools for turning telemetry—logs and metrics—from across Azure into actionable information. But, despite Azure Monitor’s power, SMBs struggle to use it effectively. Consequently, they lack visibility into the state of their infrastructure, and, without that visibility, it is difficult or impossible […]

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Optimize Azure Infrastructure Security with Azure Security Center Recommendations

VIAcode recommends that Azure users implement Azure Security Center. Security Center provides a comprehensive security management service with advanced threat protection. It helps Azure users to secure their evolving infrastructure against the range of sophisticated attacks it is likely to face. Among the most useful aspects of the Security Center are security recommendations. All Security […]

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Azure News Roundup – June 12, 2020

Welcome to our Azure news weekly roundup with the latest events and stories in the Microsoft and Azure space! Follow us on Twitter for more great stories like these as they happen. We also recently launched our Azure Snapshot tool, which can give you optimized suggestions for your Azure environment in as little as 30 […]

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The 4 Most Common Problems in Managing Azure

VIAcode’s Azure Managed Services target the Azure infrastructure problems we see most often. Businesses migrate to Azure with clear goals, but they find it challenging to maximize the platform’s potential. We aim to help our clients to solve their Azure infrastructure problems and fully exploit the cost, security, and process advantages of hosting cloud infrastructure […]

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