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CSMCollector service becomes inactive and doesn’t process requests after enabling 32-bit applications in “OperationsManagerCsmCollector v4.0” app pool configuration

Heads up: some issue I faced during recent CSM monitoring implementation. Working on remediation with Microsoft. Still, beware.

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How to enable CSM monitoring supporting definite browsers types?

In this article I will demonstrate how to configure CSM monitoring working with non-IE browsers. Note: this is not officially supported but I see some people having success with it.

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Setting up Guest Systems Monitoring

This post describes how to configure monitoring of the guest servers, i.e. the servers that are not members of your domain and cannot be discovered by SCOM out of the box. Typically these are public cloud-deployed workloads, DMZ, Amazon EC2 instances. This post will come handy if you are implementing a hybrid cloud monitoring with […]

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How to deploy and configure a standalone CA server in your domain

A quick visual guide on deploying a stand-alone Certificate Authority (CA) server for your test lab. This will come handy if you are looking to monitor guest servers deployed in DMZ, Amazon EC2 or anywhere else beyond your domain.

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How to create a certificate for SCOM

This post describes how request a certificate from your CA by using a base-64-encoded CMC and import it. You normally need to do this if you want to establish authentication between SCOM Agent and SCOM Management Server when they located in a foreign non-trusted domains, for instance a DMZ or a cloud-based hosting like Amazon […]

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Configuring SCOM 2012 APM settings with Golden copy

In this article I will try to cover some aspects of APM monitoring configuration through Golden copy. The configuration steps are demonstrated with easy to get example.

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