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Azure News Roundup – August 21, 2020

Every two weeks we curate some of the best news and events in the Azure ecosystem into this bi-weekly news roundup. We cover industry trends, new Azure tools and releases, and interesting perspectives from Azure and cloud thought leaders. If you’re looking for specific answers about your own Azure environment, we also recently launched our […]

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How To Secure Your Azure VMs With Network Security Groups

Azure Network Security Groups (NSGs) are flexible firewall rules users can apply to subnets and resources within an Azure Virtual Network. They allow users to specify which incoming and outgoing connections should be allowed or denied. Microsoft has excellent documentation that describes how to configure and apply a Network Security Group, so we’re going to […]

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Azure News Roundup – August 7, 2020

Curious about what’s been going on in the world of Azure over the past couple of weeks? Here are some interesting developments and headlines from the broader Microsoft and Azure ecosystem and from top influencers in the space. New Azure SQL Learning Tools help reduce the global technology skills gap Microsoft’s all-new content will help […]

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How Does Azure Help Businesses To Achieve Regulatory Compliance?

In 2018, the Office for Civil Rights collected Health Accountability and Enforcement Act (HIPAA) settlements worth $30 million, including a record $16 million settlement. Under the GDPR, businesses have been fined $158 million, with an eye-watering $50 million fine for Google. Each year, the payment card industry fines many organizations for PCI-DSS violations, and acquiring […]

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How to Build Highly Available Apps on Azure With VM and Storage Redundancy

Perfectly reliable IT infrastructure doesn’t exist. If you wait long enough, even the best-engineered server and network components fail. Failure tends to occur on a so-called bathtub curve, which means that some infrastructure fails early in its life and all infrastructure fails eventually. In addition to the fact that systems tend towards failure, we also […]

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Azure News Roundup – July 24, 2020

Welcome to our latest collection of Azure news and announcements from the past two weeks. It’s been a busy time between Microsoft Inspire this week along with the end of the 2020 fiscal year. There’s lots of big news in the Azure ecosystem, and Azure continues to grow, so do the number of users with […]

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