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How To Improve SQL Server Database Resilience by Migrating to Azure

Microsoft SQL Server supports the essential applications of thousands of businesses. It’s a robust and sophisticated database solution, but, as with all business-critical services, users must take action to minimize downtime and eliminate potential failure points. Issues at multiple levels of the tech stack affect database availability: Network and hardware failures can take down databases. […]

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How To Monitor Web App Availability on Microsoft Azure

Downtime is a risk faced by every business that serves customers on the web. The average website goes down for three hours a month because web hosting infrastructure isn’t wholly reliable and networks are even less so. Azure is more resilient than the garden-variety web hosting provider, with SLAs that promise less than 43 minutes […]

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Azure News Roundup – July 10, 2020

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest news and updates in the larger Azure ecosystem, where we cover some of the big announcements over the past 2 weeks. Advancing Azure service quality with artificial intelligence: AIOps Microsoft has created an AIOps team to collaborate broadly across Azure engineering teams and partnered with Microsoft Research […]

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How Azure SLAs Can Help You to Achieve Optimal Uptime and Availability

Microsoft Azure is designed to minimize downtime, and Microsoft offers guarantees about the maximum amount of downtime service users should expect in the form of Service Level Agreements. It provides services and guidance that help Azure users to decrease downtime and offers better SLAs when Azure users take advantage of redundancy features built into the […]

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An Introduction To Microsoft SQL Server Monitoring

This post is a high-level summary of our white paper on SQL database monitoring. For more depth and detail, you can download the full white paper. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely adopted database platforms in the world. For many years an excellent database engine for Windows-centric data centers, today SQL Server […]

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Azure News Roundup – June 26, 2020

Welcome to our latest roundup of all the major news events in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem over the past two weeks. Microsoft confirms acquisition of CyberX to boost security in its Azure IoT business Microsoft’s interest in the company touches on two key areas: IT services for large enterprises, and cybersecurity — specifically cybersecurity leveraging […]

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