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Weekly Roundup – March 13

Today is Friday the 13th but there’s no reason to think that it’s unlucky! It’s quite the opposite. Our team put together an infographic that shows the cost savings that you could realize by doing an in-depth analysis of your infrastructure. Our team is ready to help you find ways to save on your budget. […]

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Infographic: How to Reduce Azure Cloud Spend

Many people ask us, “How do you deliver 30% cost savings on average?” We created an infographic to show in numbers how we accomplish it. The questions we ask: Does your Azure spend stay within budget? Gartner reports that 70% of cloud spend is wasted each year due to poor architecture and overprovisioned resources. How […]

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Harnessing the Power of Data to Drive Digital Transformation

For companies with multiple automated sites, Microsoft Azure is the key to transforming operations to slash overhead costs and achieve operational efficiencies. Learn from the experience of SitePro, a software company that uses Azure to unify automation systems and deliver remote, real-time access to data to improve decision making and business health. In this video, […]

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Microsoft Customer Story: SitePro

How did the software platform, SitePro, find their competitive edge? By making themselves the “one-stop shop” for oil and gas companies to combine what used to be multiple systems–each operated by a different third party–into a single, scalable, integrated system. For their customers, this means faster setup times for new facilities and efficient monitoring of […]

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Increase Your ROI With Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

  Switching from an on-premises server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance can result in an ROI of 212% and post-migration payback within six months. How is this possible? The brilliance behind Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is its customizability. Choose and pay for exactly the space and computing power you need, while utilizing options […]

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Happy 10th Birthday VIAcode and Azure!!

Azure is celebrating its 10th birthday this month. In February of 2010, Microsoft launched Azure and our lives were changed forever!  Our company VIAcode was founded the same year and we have been growing up with Azure. To celebrate we are launching a weekly newsletter. You can register to get it directly in your inbox. It will provide […]

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