Talking Heads MP for SCOM 2012 AVIcode APM Released

The 2012 is around the corner, so we ported the APM demo lab's SCOM 2007 R2 management pack to SCOM 2012. Now you [...] Read more

Collecting more better stack for AVIcode events

Sometimes you can see that AVIcode performance event's function calls durations do not add up to the total time. Today we will discuss [...] Read more

.NET AVIcode APM Monitoring in SCOM 2012 RC: Quick Look

This is a little "unboxing" post about .NET AVIcode APM features in SCOM 2012 RC. The RC came out with limited applications support [...] Read more

Light Requests Optimization Logic. How does it work?

"Light Requests Optimization" in AVIcode is perhaps one of the most complicated subjects. We get questions about it all the time. Today we [...] Read more
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