Case Studies


AVIcode Case Study

AVIcode, Inc., was a highly successful spinout of VIAcode Consulting. Very early on, VIAcode’s founders realized that there was a large and untapped opportunity for an application that monitor .Net applications in operation. The Company’s founders formed a separate company called AVIcode, Inc., to manage, sell, and support the VIAcode-developed product, Intercept Studio.


TyMetrix Case Study

TyMetrix – a division of Wolters Kluwer – is the market leader in Web-based management solutions for corporate legal departments and claims organizations. The Company provides Web-based systems for electronic invoicing, performance management metrics, matter management, budgeting and forecasting, document management, and collaborative knowledge management.


GSX Version Case Study

While the cloud and mobility may make it easier for end users to access their applications and data from whatever device they choose and from wherever they are on the network, managing the infrastructure that supports everything has become increasingly complex. Long gone are the days of a neatly siloed data center since x86 server virtualization was finally created more than a decade ago.


Profmedia Case Study

Online radio 101.RU, created by Prof Media in 1996, pioneered the concept of Internet radio broadcasting in Russia. From four musical themes at inception, the station has grown to meet the increasing demands of its rapidly expanding customer base in Russia and abroad and now offers more than 200 types of Russian music from sister stations to fit all audience preferences from rock to jazz to classical to disco and more.


Microsoft IT Case Study

Microsoft IT approached us to augment a team working on the migration of an internal application from on-premise infrastructure to Azure. Once the application was migrated, Microsoft IT needed a performance and availability monitoring system that integrated with both Azure services and Microsoft’s internal monitoring and ticketing systems.

Advertising Data Segmentation

A well-known player in the Internet advertising industry asked VIAcode to help one of their clients develop a high-load system to perform migration of telemetry data from AWS to Azure. Along with the requirement to handle 860 million requests and 190 Gb per month, this system would have to offer easy configuration and great reliability.

VIAcode provides services for migration, optimization and management for Azure.