Microsoft SQL Server vNext Management Pack is available!

There is good news for IT Operations and SQL DBAs – the new version of the MS SQL Server vNext Management Pack is available for the download.

Please download the public preview bits at:

Microsoft System Center Management Pack (Community Technical Preview 2) for SQL Server vNext

This is a second community preview version with many new features enabled for Windows and Linux platforms in addition to the capabilities of the CTP1 release. You can review the new capabilities for Windows and Linux platforms in the table below.

MSSQL Server MP Features, Objects and Scenarios CTP1* CTP2*
Core objects
DB Engine Discovery W/L W/L
Local DB Engine Discovery (Windows only feature) W
SQL Cluster instances W W
DB Discovery W/L W/L
DB Filegroup Discovery W/L W/L
DB File Discovery W/L W/L
DB Log file Discovery W/L W/L
DB Policy Discovery W/L
Filestream Filegroup Discovery W
Memory-Optimized Data Filegroup Discovery W/L
Memory-Optimized Data Filegroup Containers Discovery W/L
Agentless Monitoring W/L W/L
Mixed monitoring (windows only feature) W W
Agent Monitoring (windows only feature) W W
SQL Credentials W/L W/L
AD Credentials W W
In-memory OLTP support W/L
SQL Server Express support W W
MSSQL LogReader module W/L
Support long names (Windows only feature) W W
Wizard multithreading W/L
Monitoring Scenarios
DB Engine Health Status Monitoring W/L W/L
DB Engine Performance Monitoring W/L W/L
DB Engine Service Pack Compliance Monitoring W/L
DB Configuration Monitoring W/L W/L
DB Memory-Optimized Data Filegroup Performance Monitoring W
CPU Monitoring and performance metrics W
Log Shipping monitoring W
WMI Health Monitoring W
Event Base monitoring (400+ Alert rules) W/L
DB Space Monitoring and performance metrics collection W W
DB Space Monitoring and performance metrics collection for Filestream objects W
DB Space Monitoring and performance metrics collection for Hekaton objects W
SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher Service Monitoring W

* – W – supported for MSSQL on Windows platform, L – supported for MSSQL on Linux platform, W/L – supported for MSSQL Server vNext on both platforms.

You can see that the new version has an impressive list of the new capabilities, including monitoring for Filestream Filegroup, In-Memory OLTP, DBEngine Service Pack compliance and other valuable monitoring scenarios.

We prepared a short video with overview of these new capabilities and published it on our YouTube channel. Watch the video, download Management Pack and share your feedback with our team – we will be happy to answer your questions and add your ideas to our backlog!

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