VIAcode Will Migrate Your Applications To Azure Cloud For Free

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Does legacy IT infrastructure frustrate your efforts to grow and evolve business-critical applications? Are you paying too much for on-premises or colocated servers? Migrating to the Azure cloud will free your business from legacy infrastructure. With Azure, businesses iterate quickly, scale smoothly, and take control of infrastructure spending.

VIAcode rehosts and migrates applications to the Azure cloud for free. Businesses understand the benefits of cloud infrastructure but worry about the complexity, cost, and risk of downtime. With VIAcode Azure Rehosting, there is no complexity, no cost, and no risk. Our rehosting experts plan and execute flawless migrations. You pay nothing.

How are we able to offer cloud migration for free? Microsoft wants your applications on Azure. Our cloud migration service is primarily funded by Microsoft programs created to help and encourage businesses to rehost to Azure.

Microsoft won’t pay for free migrations forever, so businesses should take advantage of the opportunity while it lasts.

What Is Rehosting to Azure Cloud?

Rehosting involves migrating applications and their dependencies from legacy infrastructure to Azure’s flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure. Also known as “lift-and-shift,” cloud rehosting retains the application’s existing architecture and requires no application-level modifications.

Workloads are transferred from legacy infrastructure – bare metal servers, Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines – to Azure’s infrastructure-as a service-platform.

The immediate benefits of Azure Cloud rehosting include:

  • Unlimited scaling with fine-grained control over infrastructure deployment.
  • Reduced cost through on-demand infrastructure, efficient utilization, and comprehensive infrastructure monitoring.
  • Access to Azure’s suite of enterprise-grade cloud services, which include over 200 managed services.
  • Access to Azure’s massive array of virtual machine types, which range from low-powered VMs to hugely powerful machines with hundreds of vCPUs and terabytes of RAM.

The VIAcode Azure Cloud Migration Experience

Today, your application and its dependencies are hosted on owned or leased bare metal servers or virtual machines. In the near future, you would like your application and its dependencies to be hosted on flexible cloud servers on the Azure platform. Our role is to assess, plan, migrate, and manage the rehosting process.

  • Azure rehosting begins with a comprehensive analysis of the existing infrastructure, your application, and its dependencies, including databases. Once we have a complete understanding of the application, we can design the ideal Azure infrastructure architecture to host it.
  • Our Azure cloud migration engineers develop a migration plan based on your long-term business objectives and the needs of your application.
  • We create and configure an Azure environment suitable for your organization and application.
  • We deploy virtual machines and other Azure infrastructure to host your application, and then migrate all workloads and dependencies to the new infrastructure platform, minimizing disruption and downtime.

After rehosting, your application is unchanged, but it is now hosted on Azure’s industry-leading cloud infrastructure platform.

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