Weekly Round-Up – May 1, 2020

We have put together a Best Practices Guide for Cost Optimization in Azure. This ebook covers all aspects of Cost Optimization. It also provides actionable steps that you can take now.

The ebook is divided into the following three sections:

  • Definition of what Azure cost optimization is and why you need it
  • A list of five best practices for cost optimization
  • A cost optimization model

The ebook will help you create a sustainable practice that gets the most out of your infrastructure investment.

Download it here.

DCsv2-series VM now generally available from Azure confidential computing

Mark Russinovich, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Azure, reports on the general availability of DCsv2-series VMs. DCsv2-series VMs can protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data even while it’s processed.

Multicloud deployments become go-to strategy as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud grab wallet share

The top three public cloud providers remain AWS, Azure and Google, which has the fastest adoption in growth compared to a year ago. Azure is narrowing the gap with AWS in the percentage of enterprises using it as well as the number of virtual machines.

What’s New with Azure Security Center

Microsoft announced a host of new Azure Security Center features that went into preview back at Microsoft Ignite 2019. Those features have recently become generally available!  Michael Teske gives us a summary.

Microsoft outlines next steps to manage increased Azure and cloud services demand

Microsoft’s cloud is growing, and the company has stated publicly that they are actively working to increase cloud capacity to keep up with the demand for their cloud services and Azure. 

Coke moves to the Cloud, as Microsoft Lands Azure Mega-Deal

Microsoft has chalked up a huge contract win, with Coca-Cola  saying it would be swapping “previously disparate and fragmented systems” for Teams, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365 — and be moving to standardize its business operations on Azure.

VIAcode provides services for migration, optimization and management for Azure.