Weekly Roundup – April 6


Join Our Webinar Next Week on How to Overcome the 4 Biggest Challenges of Managing Azure Cloud

We are excited to offer the expertise of Victor Mushkatin, CEO of VIAcode. He will dive into these challenges and share best practices for proactively solving them. We will discuss how to shine a light on Azure operations and take cost and security under control while significantly improving visibility into underlying infrastructure. You will get actionable recommendations on how to identify opportunities to optimize your cloud. There will also be time to answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Accelerating innovation: Start with Azure Sphere to secure IoT solutions

Read on to learn how you can use Azure Sphere— which is now generally available—to create and accelerate secure IoT solutions for both new devices and existing equipment.

Introducing incremental enrichment in Azure Cognitive Search

Microsoft introduces Incremental enrichment, a new feature of Azure Cognitive Search that brings a declarative approach to indexing your data.

Scan Your Azure Container Registry Container Images With Azure Security Centre

Do you want to set up your Azure Security centre to scan images? Learn how here.

A Few Tips for Securing Your Remote Workforce In A Microsoft Cloud Landscape

These topics are the most important for a remote workforce when it comes to securing your organization’s assets and accounts. Here’s a couple of tips from the field that can help.

How To Use Azure App Service Managed Certificates

Azure App Service Managed Certificates provide a great way to implement basic security for your application. It is free and once you’ve generated a certificate, it will renew itself.

What is Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the cloud. Here’s what you can do with it.

How To Effectively Use Azure DevOps

Are you just getting started with Azure DevOps? This guide is a great place to begin. You can pick and choose the pieces you want to use and integrate them with external tools that you may already be using.

Microsoft has moved all events and conferences online through July 2021

Microsoft has confirmed that the company won’t hold any in-person events for the rest of the year, and a rumor that it won’t hold any in-person events for its entire next fiscal year, meaning until the end of June 2021.

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