Introduction to Azure Monitor

Whitepaper: A Case Study on Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor is a powerful suite of tools for monitoring the performance, availability, and utilization of Azure cloud infrastructure and services. Azure Monitor leverages the comprehensive metrics and logs generated by Azure services to create highly configurable alerts and visualizations about every aspect of your Azure infrastructure.

In this white paper, which we based on a real-world case study, we introduce Azure Monitor and its components, before detailing how businesses use Azure Monitor to understand their infrastructure and its performance.

Download to learn:

  • What Azure Monitor is and why it should be considered a key part of your Azure deployment.
  • How Azure Monitor is used with services such as Azure SQL Database.
  • How to get started with Azure Monitor and Azure Portal.
  • How to access Azure Monitor via its web interface and API.

As the platform’s core monitoring service, Azure Monitor is an essential tool for gaining insight into app-hosting infrastructure and other services.

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