Cloud Migration: How to Rehost Your Applications on Microsoft Azure

Whitepaper: A Step by Step Guide to Cloud Migration

Businesses understand the benefits of rehosting their applications to Microsoft Azure, but often find themselves faced with unexpected challenges during migration. A successful migration must be carefully planned to take full advantage of Azure’s tools and services. Organizations without cloud migration experience may spend more money than necessary, suffer expensive downtime and performance issues, and create security vulnerabilities.

In Cloud Migration: How to Rehost Your Applications on Azure, we discuss:

  • What app rehosting is and how it differs from migration techniques that require extensive modification of applications.
  • The benefits of rehosting to Azure.
  • The consequences of rehosting without sufficient planning.
  • How to create an Azure Cloud Migration Assessment.
  • The tools and services Azure provides to facilitate application rehosting, including Azure Migrate, Azure Site Recovery, and the Azure Database Migration Service.
  • The white paper concludes with a 30-point checklist that covers Azure migration planning, on-boarding, infrastructure deployment, rehosting, and post-migration infrastructure optimization.
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