SQL Database Monitoring – The Complete Guide

Whitepaper: A Complete Guide to SQL Database Monitoring

Microsoft SQL Server is Azure’s primary database hosting service for enterprise applications hosted on Azure. Because it is such an essential part of application availability and performance, database monitoring is vital. Azure provides a rich variety of tools focused on delivering comprehensive monitoring and alerts for Microsoft SQL Server.

This white paper provides a detailed overview of SQL Server monitoring tools and strategies. We start with a discussion of the tools enterprise organizations can deploy for database monitoring, including:

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

  • Azure Monitor.
  • Azure Log Analytics.
  • BP Check.

In the second part of the white paper, we take a deep dive into monitoring Microsoft SQL Server with SCOM. We look at:

  • Installing SCOM management packs.
  • SCOM’s database monitoring interface.
  • The Health Explorer, Operations Manager Console, and Performance View.
  • The Data Center Summary Dashboard.

Download SQL Database Monitoring – The Complete Guide to learn how to deploy and use enterprise database monitoring tools to monitor SQL Server on Microsoft Azure.

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