Azure News Roundup May 15th, 2020

The latest news and updates in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem for the week of May 15th.

We’re also proud to announce our new Azure Snapshot tool and ROI calculator. Simply log in with a Microsoft account linked to your Azure instance, authorize the read-only permissions, and we’ll provide a real time snapshot of you security, monitoring, and cost scores in less than 5 minutes!

Break our Azure Sphere Linux IoT OS and earn up to $100k

Microsoft puts up a $100,000 bounty for critical bugs affecting its Linux-based OS for Azure Sphere.

Microsoft Build 2020 Registration Open – Free Virtual Event

Microsoft is framing this event to provide a similar experience to previous years in-person events, but with the entire event being held online in a virtual fashion. 

How Azure VPN Helps Organizations Scale Remote Work

The Azure network is designed to withstand sudden changes in the utilization of resources and can greatly help during periods of peak utilization. It can scale up easily and be turned off just as easily.

Microsoft is Acquiring Metaswitch Networks to Expand its Azure 5G Strategy

The deal speaks to a growing focus from tech companies leveraging cloud architectures and the adoption of new networking technologies — specifically 5G — to capitalise on a bigger role in becoming service providers both to carriers and to those who would like to build carrier-like services 

Microsoft to add new cloud regions in Italy, New Zealand and Poland

Microsoft is making big moves! In the span of a week, Microsoft announced plans to add three new datacenter regions in Italy, New Zealand, and Poland – countries where it doesn’t currently have them.

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